What’s up, HxHippy giving an update!

New Features Added!

  • More crypto payment options
    • Full List

  • Faster UI/UX
  • Better Privacy (We removed Google Analytics and replaced it with Microsoft Clarity)
  • Improved load times
    • Multiple fixes, including removing Google stuff, compression, and per-page optimizations.
  • Improved Mobile device views
    • Found a few issues with older devices, if you still experience issues let us know and we’ll dig into it more contact@hippy.tv
  • Reduced file sizes
    • We kept the high-rez photos on demand so you can still load them when hovered/clicked to see a better view of the products, but they do not load by default now.
  • New Categories
    • We’re still cleaning this up, we’ve got work to do here. The plan is to have all the categories super clean and easy to understand/navigate, it’s all mapped out and we’re gradually implementing.

More Products!

Still, a lot to add, we have a huge backlog. More products will be added gradually.

We’re a husband and wife team working on this, so please give us a little more time for tasks than you would for a huge company, we appreciate the supporters and customers more than you know, thanks, everyone!